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Professional Search Engine Optimization

Whether you are a small business, a national business, or an ecommerce business owner, if you are looking for professional SEO services and a marketing strategy that gets you results, I can help. You will get a transparent inbound marketing strategy and receive quality organic traffic with the best SEO practices you can find. You will receive better search rankings, awesome SEO strategies, monthly reporting, on-page SEO, off-page, SEO and more…

Ecommerce SEO

No matter what ecommerce platform you’ve built your business with, or if you sell products or services, ecommerce SEO follows very specific rules.

With the Amazons, Walmarts, Targets, and Khols of the world, it has become more important than ever to have an SEO expert on your side to increase website traffic. Refining your ecommerce store is essential in today’s digital era where these titans are dominating search results.

If you have an ecommerce store, you know that more quality traffic means more sales. Increased sales leads to an increase in profits. And, greater profits allows the ability to scale.

We can help you scale your sales with great marketing campaigns, search marketing, content marketing strategies, and more.

National SEO

If you offer a service and you are targeting the entire United States or every English speaking country there is, you usually compete with big brands or with established businesses on Google search that may do enterprise SEO (or similar).

Search Engine Marketing helps you get in front of these clients or customers you wouldn’t be able to reach otherwise. With the right content and landing pages, you will be able to get additional website traffic, website rankings, calls, form fills, appointments, and profits.

I assume you have a great service. SEO consulting and enterprise SEO will help you increase your exposure, leads generated, and brand recognition. And not only will you make extra money, but people share the great experiences they’ve had with you. I can definitely help you build a strong company.

Local SEO - Local Businesses

If you have a local business that operates in a specific region (a city, county, or state), or if you have a physical location where you receive clients, customers, patients, etc., then you’re looking for Local SEO services or Local Search Optimization.

Getting your phone ringing is very important for a business like yours, and making you appear in front of people when they have a problem you can solve is essential.

That’s what good SEO strategies and SEO consulting can do for you: increased phone calls and better money.

You can get professional Search Engine Marketing to make you the “to-go” business in your city, county, or state so you can focus on serving your clients, customers, and patients…better search results, better local search, better business.

Keyword Research - Research and Analysis

The purpose of doing keyword research is two-fold. First, find what people are searching online that relates to what you have to offer. Second, dig through all the searches and find the ones that will be more profitable for your business. This is part of every marketing strategy.

These are called “buyer intent keywords”, because the person that is searching has the intent of buying when they search.

Having the right keyword strategy (I use specific marketing tools for that) is fundamental to create a successful SEO campaign that will grow your company and rank higher in searches.

Content Calendar

After doing proper keyword research, creating a content calendar is fundamental for your marketing campaigns and better rankings. Professional content calendars take into consideration the buyer’s journey. This means developing content not only for buyer intent keywords but also for keywords that are in the curiosity stage.

More content = bigger website = higher semantic relevancy = more authority = more organic traffic and rankings = more money

Content Creation & Content Marketing

Unless you have a team of content pros that are up to date, not only in copywriting for your specific industry, but also skilled with the fundamentals of SEO, you’ll need to hire someone.

You need someone that knows how to write in a way that search engines will appreciate, yet also write content that is persuasive and shows value to your visitor in order to help them make a decision (click, submit a form, call, order, etc.). This is essential for inbound marketing.

On-Page SEO

On-page Search Engine Optimization is the science of improving your website, taking into consideration search engines and visitors. First, you need to think about what to feed the bots and search algorithms. Second, you need to adapt that information to make visitors engaged and interested.

Good on-site SEO will allow you to build a foundation to help you receive more traffic and visits with less effort. Good on-site Search Engine Optimization can literally help you jump up the rankings and traffic overnight. It is THAT important and goes way beyond “writing good content” or “better content than the competition”. This is Google search on steroids.

Content Optimization

Content is king. This means great content is not an option; it is a must.

With so much information online, you need to stand out to be able to make this content graded as “the best” in the eyes of search engines.

Most people think that writing long form content (longer than the competition) it the best way to go about it, but too much content could be detrimental for rankings and traffic.

There are multiple ways to improve and optimize your content, and the best way to do it is analyzing the top 5 to 10 results (they are already there, so they’re doing something right) and decomposing what it is that they are doing to replicate it for your company.

When you apply what was found to your content, THEN you are doing professional content optimization.

Link Building - OffPage SEO

If content is king, links or backlinks are the queen. And, we all know who really wears the pants in the kingdom. 😉

The main purpose of link building is to power the on-site SEO, increase rankings, and traffic. Links (or backlinks) are still the number one ranking factors for Google, so it’s kind of a big deal. As you may know, not all links are created equal, and quality is extremely important since Google’s algorithm Penguin.

I perform top link-building services with SEO best practices that focus on bringing lasting results (press releases, guest posting, broken link-building, Skycraper technique, citations, outreach, and more).