Multilingual SEO Services 

If you're an international Corporation looking to expand to other languages or Countries or are a company that wants to get market share in other languages, my multilingual SEO services can help you get where you want to go.

Dear Entrepreneur, business owner or Marketer:

Multilingual SEO is not as easy as it seems because it involves important decisions that are more complex than your typical <hreflang> tags added to your HTML code.

Decisions like:

  • Do we create local ccTLD domains and websites to gain regional advantage or do we create multiple languages within the same domain?
  • If we stay with the same domain, do we add a specific page for secondary languages within that Country or do we keep one language for all the countries that speak a similar language?
  • Subdomains per Language / Country or subfolders?
  • If we're targeting Spanish as an example, do we create a specific ccTLD for each Spanish speaking Country? Different pages for different Spanish variations? (Mexico, Spain, Argentina, all have their own slang and specific words that don't apply to each other). Subdomains?
  • How would that decision affect the amount of work we need to manage and the internal processes we need to develop?

No matter if you're looking to expand to multiple languages or want to improve your current website architecture, most of the decisions are not simply an "SEO" decision.

They involve business decisions that are deeper than just answering "how do we drive more traffic from other Countries?".

Each company has a different expansion plan, and if you haven't started already, making the wrong decision today, can set you back years when you realize the decision you made was the wrong one.

This is why engaging with a multilingual SEO service consultant able to bring that level of thinking will improve the probability of making the right decision from the very beginning.  

Are multilingual SEO services different?

The biggest difference is related to website architecture and decision making.

One language type of SEO is unidirectional.

But if you're expanding to more than one language, you also need to duplicate, triplicate, quadruplicate or "X-plicate" the number of work involved. You'll need to think like an Orchestra conductor instead of thinking like solo guitarrist.  It's more of an NFL couch than a tennis coach.

You'll need to think about coordinating for different cultures and messaging. Making sure the "translation" of the core message hasn't been "Americanized" if you're targeting other Countries, and at the same time if you're coming to the US, make sure you're creating a message that is according to what people expect in the US.

If you try to create a compelling landing page in Europe the same way than you'd do in the US, you're going to realize that multilanguage SEO is not going to be your biggest issue, but a message that doesn't connect with your audience and that's not a position you want to see your company in.

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