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I’m a multilingual SEO Expert Consultant helping companies grow in multiple languages

If you’re looking for a multilingual SEO expert consultant offering multilingual SEO services to either expand into multiple languages I may be able to help. Fluent in English and Spanish, I’ve also helped companies successfully launch in language I don’t speak.

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Some Companies I’ve Helped

My Strongest multilingual SEO Client Results

325 To 1.2 million monthly organic visits in 2 years – 3 languages

This client started the launch in the United States and English speaking countries and moved to two extra languages: Spanish and Russian. 

The results were staggering.

518 to 667k organic visits per month in 19 months – 80 countries

This client started with a few countries and expanded to 80 countries. This project was specially technical because some of the countries had multiple languages and we implemented link building in languages we don’t speak or understand.

What are the main roadblocks when it comes to multilingual SEO?

When it comes to multilingual SEO, most companies operate successfully in one language or area, and they want to expand to other languages to capitalize and increase market share. 

Depending on your circumstances you may face different challenges depending on what you’re trying to accomplish when looking for multilingual SEO services.

It’s important to take as much time as needed when it comes to develop the best multi-language website structure possible for your company. Taking the time to do so, will save a lot of time and money in the future. Having to re-do a website structure can likely incur in hundreds or thousands of ours, traffic loss and resources.

Take into consideration if you want to create the best outcome, you will need a full campaign per language, with a specific team taking care of the same things you may in your original language.

Here are some of the situations you may find:

Expanding to one or more languages in one country

In countries like the United States, some companies have been successful in English and now they want to target the Hispanic audience. Sometimes you may find he opposite but it’s not common. They usually already have staff that can take care of the new target market and they are ready to launch.

The various challenges you may find are:

  • Should you launch a new website?
  • Should you create a subdomain for the new language?
  • Should you use Google Translator API? (hint, NO).
  • Should you track browser language to deliver a specific language to the visitor? (hint, NO).
  • Should you use JavaScript based website technology to keep the same URLs but change the language?
  •  Should you create a new folder website structure? (example youwebsite.com/es/ –> for Spanish)

 For each challenge there is a solution that fits best your company. 

Multi-Country and/or Multilingual Website Structure

In this case, your multilingual SEO is different than if you’d be focusing in only one country. If your company has a domain TLD that is localized (example .es, .de, .br, .mx, etc.), you may have some difficulties expanding to other countries with other languages because the geo-localization attached to your domain is too strong.

If your Google Search Console is set up to one country, you may face challenges as well because you need to add new rules to make sure Google understands you want to target other countries and languages.

If you have a general TLD (.com, .net, .org, .ai, .io, etc.), you’ll face less challenges than a more specific geo localized domain, then you’ll have similar questions to answer and challenges as if you were in one country and wanted to launch to multiple countries. In addition you’ll be considering:

 One page per country? One page per language? One page per language per country? Multiple pages per country and language based on multiple sub-locations (local)? Multiple domains? Subdomains? Multi-currency? IP based page structure?

Developing multi-cultural messaging across countries and languages.

If you operate internationally, you know different countries (and languages) have different cultures. For example, in North America you may have language that is more direct and focus on taking action, while in other parts of the world like South America or Asia, this direct approach may not work.

Multilingual Link-Building and Multilingual SEO.

Having helped a company develop link building and SEO marketing campaigns with a website targeting 80 countries, I can tell you that it’s difficult.

One of the less challenging setups comes when company is looking to launch in English (if your domain is setup correctly). Not because is easy but it’s easier to build teams around it. However, and no matter what languages you want to launch, there’s always opportunities and options – I’ve helped companies launch in languages I don’t speak.

I’ve helped companies launch in languages I don’t speak, and there

In addition, if I believe launching in a new language will be a waste of time and resources, I will also tell you so, as I’ve done with multiple companies that were looking to understand if they should add resources to other languages or not.

Why Working With Me?


I’ve helped multiple business and corporations expand Internationally

You may be looking to add one more language, expand to another country or go the 9 yards and conquer the World. Either way, I’ve done it before and I may be able to help.


Building multi-language teams can be complex & delicate

Being fluent in two of the most popular languages (English and Spanish), and having a multi-cultural background, I know what it takes to build teams in multiple countries.


OK, I think I’m being over dramatic on this one

I know, you probably don’t want to launch in 80 countries, but something I aspire to is to help you in your most ambitious ventures. And I’m ok if you want to expand to just a couple of countries :).

How it works

01 We meet

I work with a small amount of clients at a time and I’m heavily involved in every campaign. I will be your primary point of contact in every step of the way.

02 Discuss Your Goals

We get on a 30 minute call to discuss things like your company’s vision, your goals, your budget, if I can help, and find out if our personalities fit <== this last one is a big one.

03 Create a plan

No matter if you have a team I can collaborate with or no team at all, I’ll create a 12-month plan designed to hit your goals, seize the best opportunities to move the needle, and embark on an exciting journey to grow your company.

04 Go to Work

We start executing and work closely with you or your team, test strategies, tweak as needed, improvise, and take whatever steps are necessary to create a strong growth path.

Success is the only option in my book.

05 Celebrate

We’ll celebrate successes together. We’ll buckle up and double down or efforts when things don’t go as expected.

As you already know, every business has ups and downs. I’m ready for both when they come. Instead of ignoring the bad and celebrating the good, I plan for both, which means, Focusing on the long term growth of your company.

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