Affiliate site #1 - September 2021 Update

What I've done in September

I haven't done much in September.

And I'm having a constant battle between delegating vs doing it myself.

I want to get this project making a couple thousand dollars per month before I start delegating so I can recoup the initial investment, as a "spending the least possible" project.

It feels more challenging to do it this way because time constrains with the agency and consulting clients so I'm being more slow that what I'd like.

  • 9/172021 I added 17 new landing pages and.
  • 9/25/2021 I submitted 11 Landing pages to Google Search Console


9/2/2021 The site showed 377 Keywords in Search Console and 10/2/2021 shows 550 keywords.

Here's how Search Console Looks like (last 28 days)

The impressions and clicks are growing little by little but I need to add at least 100 more landing pages to this beast.

That's my goal in October.

According to Ahrefs the site has 117 new keywords

And here's the breakdown of new keywords and where they landed as the first position for both Ahrefs and Search Console

The methodology for this is simple:

For Ahrefs, download all the new keywords and build a Google sheet that calculates how many keywords landed in a ranking position range as new keywords.

For Search console, the process is:

  • Download all keywords with a comparison of 28 days vs previous 28 days
  • Filter the ones that were position 0 in the previous 28 days --> You have the new keywords
  • Apply the same Google sheet formulas.

We can see how Search Console captures more keywords and has the majority landing in the 91-100 positions.

September Money Making.

In September the site made another whooping $3.15.

September Expenses


Cumulative Expenses / Income

Auction domain Cost: $649

Two new domains cost: $24

Writers: $300

Plugin: $99

Income (cumulative): $6.50

Profit: -$1,065

What's next

Next month I'm planning to launch at least 100 more landing pages.

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