Affiliate site #1 - August 2021 Update

This is my first update for what I'm going to call "affiliate site #1".

When I look back, I'm still blown away because in 10+ years of SEO experience, I've never started an affiliate site.

I built an adsense site back in the day (in the horoscope niche) that got wiped out in the first Penguin update (that was making 300 Euros per month - was living in Spain).

And run an ecommerce store...

But I never went into it 🤯.


Main points of this site:

  • It's being built in an auction domain.
  • It is branded almost perfectly for the niche and vertical.
  • 95% of the content (as of August 2021) is the same, meaning, I'm barely investing in content (will change in the next couple of months).
  • Started with the mentality of building Google My Business sites and rank them, but changed my mind.

Most people think that duplicate content is a problem, but based in my experience, it's only a problem only when dealing with the same semantic relevancy.

If you search for two different keywords and find the same Google results, you're witnessing "same semantic relevancy".

A clear example to illustrate this is with local businesses that operate in multiple cities. Mot of their "city landing pages" have the same content but they change the city name (and possibly a couple of other things).


  • Portland roofing
  • Salem roofing

Well, I'm doing the same but I'm not targeting "Keyword + city"... yet. I started the approach including a city + location structure but I changed my mind.

Here's what I've done so far

3/7/2021 - Purchased domain from vendor.

3/19/2021 - Domain transfer completed to my registrar.

4/15/2021 - Started the first iteration of Keyword research. This is ongoing as there are a lot of potential keywords both, heavy heaters and low difficulty. This step will be ongoing.

5/5/2021 - Started plotting the website taking a "shopify" approach: instead of organized in an organized "parent folder structure:


I'm going to post all the articles and landing pages as a 1 level URL:

5/17/2021 - Wrote the first landing page

5/18/2021 - Hired writer for first landing page (can't do everything myself, even though I wanted to have this as a DIY project time constraints won't allow me)

6/15/2021 - Finished first landing page - Had to go through many writers to find the right one.

6/20/2021 - Site goes live with 1 landing page targeting one specific low difficulty keyword and and 1 city location page.

6/25/2021 - New article from another writer received.

6/24/2021 Changing the project. I'm building 2 website, 1 local and another one the initial domain.

6/24/2021 - Moved the local section of the website to a new domain (brand new domain) that I purchased.

6/26/2021 Realized there's a conflict with another company name in the vertical that could cause issues, have to purchase and transfer to a new domain.

6/27/2021 - Google Search Console indexation.

6/29/2021 - 2 Google My Business cities verified.

6/29/2021 Google Ads display campaign $10/day --> to test conversions (Ads stopped after a while, no conversions --> Design is ugly).

6/29/2021 - Changed some web funnel structure.

6/30/2021 - Added another landing page with the same structure of the first one. Content is the same, changing targeted keyword.

7/12/2021 Built another local page. These local pages are They are barebones pages with little information. Mostly a duplication of the home page.

7/22/2021 - New design in progress

7/26/2021 - Purchased a plugin that allows me to build mass pages as duplicates but changing sections of the website by variables.

7/30/2021 - New design ready + Page template deployed.

8/2/2021 - Deployed 39 pages

8/3/2021 - Created global modules for internal liking (to interlink silos and sections). These are sections of the site that link to specific pages that are related to each other. They are global so they're shared between these related pages. If a page gets added in the same "group", I can change the module, add the new page and it'll populate to all other related pages.

8/3/2021 - Indexer + Sitemap to GSC.

8/6/2021 - Realized there's a section on the website that is duplicated in every page (example: What is the best soap and What is the best soap sections) and there's a variable {START} also in every page. --> I need to clean this up.

Changed one page URL and title to a better keyword variation.

Built a new KW research process: KW service1, KW service 2 in Ahrefs on the matching terms tab and check variants per group to build content around it and inter-link

8/7/2021 - 35 Keywords showing in Google Search Console (these all all high purchase intent keywords).

8/6/2021 - 10 URLs to GSC manually

8/8/2021 - 10 URLs submitted to GSC manually.

8/8/2021 - 87 Keywords showing in Google Search Console (these all all high purchase intent keywords).

8/9/2021 - 105 Keywords showing in Google Search Console (these all all high purchase intent keywords).

8/10/2021 - 118 Keywords showing in Google Search Console (these all all high purchase intent keywords).

8/10/2021 - Fixed issues on template - grammatical errors {variables}, duplicate sections from the original template - page by page).

Then I just logged in into Google Search Console every day to see how many keywords will show up.

8/11/2021 - 129 KW GSC
8/12/2021 - 142 KW GSC
8/13/2021 - 150 KW GSC
8/14/2021 - 155 KW GSC
8/15/2021 - 159 KW GSC
8/19/2021 - 189 KW GSC
8/20/2021 - 195 KW GSC
8/26/2021 - 311 KW GSC
8/27/2021 - 319 KW GSC

Here's how Search Console Looks like

Cost / Income

Auction domain Cost: $649

Two new domain cost: $24

Writers: $300

Plugin: $99

Income: $3.15 (August 23rd)

Profit: -1,068.15

What's next

Next month I'm planning to launch more pages, get a bit organized and try to keep this project as a DIY. I'm tempted to delegate but there's a certain level of "I want to do it myself egomania" that it's slowing me down.

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