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This means you can benefit from all the years I’ve been digging into how to help businesses of all sizes and industries grow their bottom line thanks to the power of Search Engine Optimization and online marketing. I call it being a website optimizer and business growth hacker.

More traffic? Done. Better Rankings? Done. More sales, phone calls, appointments, downloads? Done, done, done, done.


If you are thinking it’s about knowing everything related to Search Engine Optimization, local SEO, national SEO, ecommerce SEO, web traffic, Google searches, etc., that’s not how it really works.

I spend countless hours diving into web pages and doing professional SEO (even for other SEO companies & agencies) every week.

I have been testing, improving, learning (there’s always something to learn), and using marketing tools for years to help local (and national) business owners get more traffic with organic SEO and personalized SEO campaigns.

So I’m pretty certain I know more about Search Engine Optimization and internet marketing than you do (like a lawyer knows more about laws than you – unless you’re a lawyer).


There’s so much stuff that goes into it, other than title tags, content management, link building, keyword research, user experience…

…and there are so many changes Google makes all the time that it’s pretty much impossible to know EVERYTHING about it, all the time…

So what do I do when there’s something I don’t know?

Test it, research it, or figure it out based on your needs.

That’s what being an expert in Search Engine Optimization, organic SEO, and digital marketing means to me.

Being good at digital marketing (SEO specialists are) is like being an industrial engineer (my background). One of the biggest skills engineers learn is how to find solutions, not skills of “knowing-it-all”.

Search Engine Marketing is pretty complex and difficult to master.

SEO specialists like me spend a lot of hours studying and digging deep into algorithms, doing competitive analysis, checking user experience, developing a marketing strategy, link building, using Google Analytics, Search Console, building strategies…

Yes, the fundamentals are easy to understand:

Optimize your website, write good content, promote that content, create backlinks, and that’s pretty much it.

However, like with every other profession that requires skills in the areas of analytics, research, testing, cross-functional abilities, constantly keeping up with search rankings, knowledge of how to bring more potential customers to your business, the new changes Google implements, and everything in between, you’d need a ton of dedication, a lot of time devoted to it, and pretty much become a search algorithm madman.

Have you seen “the Matrix”?

Let’s say sometimes I can see it :).


In one word: GROWTH.

What does that mean though?


When you increase your rankings, more people find your business when searching online for what you have to offer.

When they find your business, more search engine traffic arrives to your website.

Traffic comes from potential clients, customers, patients, etc. Those are people that are interested and actively researching, because they have a problem or a need you can solve.

That means your company, your brand, gets more exposure. People start to know about it, because you get a lot more eyes finding your business all the time.

I will assume your services or products are really good.

That means when people arrive to your website and hire you or purchase from you, they would very likely tell their family and friends, share their experience on social media, and leave a good review for you.

In turn, that helps to bring extra business and allows your company grow.

The cycle continues happening, your business thrives, and you earn more money.

You can expand your company and use the extra money to do whatever you want. Buy a car, a house, pay your debt faster, go on vacations, pay for college (or your kid’s), invest…

Whatever you want!

That’s what Search Engine Marketing can do for you.


There are three important pillars I take into consideration when we work together. They are the fundamental elements that will make your company grow, thrive, and prosper.

You, Your Business

The first and most important part of the three pillars is knowing and understanding you, your business, and what your goals are. Hiring an SEO consultant or hiring marketing consulting means nothing without this step.

Your Competition

The second pillar is understanding your competition, why they’re kicking ass, and if they have a marketing agency, content marketer, web developer, etc. on their side. We can find what strategies they’re using and what their approach is.


The third pillar is developing and executing a plan of action to achieve your goals and make you and your company the one kicking ass. More exposure, traffic, rankings and profits.


Let’s talk about results! An SEO expert should be able to show some amazing results from an SEO campaign. I have one case study that stands out above and beyond anything else. So I’m going to show you…

Check the video below to see how I got 14 million organic visits in 2 years for a client, starting virtually from scratch and with NO backlinks (I log into Google Analytics to show you traffic and search results). If you want to read the whole case study, click on the button below the video.


Grow your business and make more money.
No matter if you’re looking for local SEO, ecommerce SEO, national SEO, or any other type of online marketing, at the end of the day, the reason why you want to be hiring an SEO service is because you want to grow your business and make more money.

We can talk about better rankings, increasing traffic, improving conversion rate optimization, brand awareness, optimizing meta tags, title tags, structured data markup, and all that.

But it all boils down to making more money while growing your business.

Gain more authority and brand awareness
Authority and good brand awareness makes people have a greater desire to buy from you or to hire your services or products.

This is the digital marketing age, but you can also call this “word of mouth impact”.

The digital landscape we live in today with social media makes word of mouth travel faster, and this increases the speed of your business growth.

Increase web traffic and rankings
Getting more targeted and quality traffic to your local or national business means your business is being found by the people that need or want what you have to offer (through Google searches).

It all ends up into more people buying or hiring your services.

Get a team and years of experience working for you
Internet marketing is difficult to learn and master.

An SEO consultant will have marketing tools and have had developed systems and processes that are proven to work.

The consultant will have built a team around him that can execute his systems and processes to the “T” (almost like a marketing agency or what SEO companies do).

That means you not only get the expertise of someone that knows how to help you grow your business, but you have a team that multiplies the time that is put into helping you achieve your goals.

Focus on on your business
Take care of your operations, your customers, clients, or patients and make things run smoothly while you let an expert help you bring more people through the door.

You don’t want to be looking at conversion rate optimization, search rankings, marketing strategy, competitive analysis, internal links, content management, structured data, meta tags, and things of that nature.

That’s why marketing consulting is important and the reason you are looking to hire an SEO consultant.


Why we are different

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