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Hand-Crafted SEO Marketing for Small to Medium Size Companies


Focus on managing your company & allow me to increase your bottom line by growing your online presence and sales

Some of the Clients I’ve helped

How it works?

1. Understanding Your Business

With every client, we start off by understanding their business, customers, best selling products or services, past sales data, challenges they’re facing and any information that can help us grow your business. Wether you want to increase the number of customers or convert at a higher rate we’re here to help!

2. Creating A Plan For Growth

After we know your goals we do an indepth study of your competition and reverse engineer their marketing. From what they are succesfully doing to what they can improve. We use all the marketing data to create the perfect growth plan for your taking into consideration your business goals and your marketing budget

3. Content Audit

Now that we have the basics covered we dig into your business content. We look for quick wins based on your rankings (5-20 position) and develop a plan for improvements.

4. Content Calendar Creation

We conduct in depth keyword research to find other opportunities that will drive additional traffic and growth to your company. We’ll find topics that people are searching online that are align with your product and will bring additional potential customers.

5. Content promotion & Link Building

We will use your current content or the newly developed content and promote it to influencers, high authority websites, blogs, and other websites in your market – non competitors. We will create a linkbuilding campaign to this pieces of content to grow your traffic

6. Other Implementations

Depending on where your business is, we may conduct a Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools audit, website technical audit (duplicate content, titles, metadata, etc), conversion optimization and more.


Obviously I won’t charge you $1,000,000

An Awesome Case Study

Check how I brought 14 Million Organic Visits in 2 Years for this client – starting from Scratch

Hi, this is Jesus Meca,

Check out this case study where I explain how I helped this business grow by implementing easy to do SEO methods that resulted in the website receiving 1.4 million visits per month at the 2 year mark, totalling 14+ million organic visits in these two years.