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Proper Digital Marketing that isn’t BS

I am a traffic consultant. I only work with small to mid-level businesses where I have direct communication with the decision maker.

This allows my work to be dynamic and quick, if I have an idea, I can run it by you with 1 or 2 emails and get it done without any back and forth drama.

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I only offer one thing: Traffic consulting.

This is an ongoing monthly strategy, planned and fulfilled by me and my team. The aim is to build the right kind of traffic to your website that results in sales. This means:

  • People who are interested in your product/service/information will actually visit your website and then a percentage of them will buy from you.
  • For the ones that don´t buy, we will use retargeting to bring them back to your site (average e-commerce conversion is 2%. With this type of strategy this can jump to 5%-10%).
Igor KatsevDirector, Quality Assurance

I've worked with many SEO specialists, but Jesus Meca is head and shoulders above the rest in terms of digital marketing. While others talk, Jesus delivers the real and great results. He does know what to do with your website to reach the goal. I highly recommend Jesus - don't miss the chance to work with him on your project if you need real results and not talks about them.

If this make little to no sense to you, or you don’t know what retargeting is, read it as “I will do stuff that will send people to your website that want what you’re selling.

Check out these two clients and how they're growing thanks to my services!

I am:

Transparent. Everything that I do in your name, is recorded in a single spreadsheet with lots of useful tabs, this is updated in real time and kept online so can be accessed at any time to see exactly what I have been doing. And if something doesn’t work, I will tell you and we will do something else.

A small company. Run by me, work is done by me (with the exception of a few subcontractors if required for small, specific tasks), any questions you have, you talk to me, yep, just ME, ME, ME, ME, ME. Despite all these "ME's", what I do is all about YOU.

Patient. I pride myself on doing things the right way, the ethical way, this is marketing, and shouldn’t be rushed, I know you need to see returns (and you will), but only if I can do so by being methodical and perfect in my work. I will not rush or do things incorrectly to gain a “quick result”.

A quality focused company. I am extremely focused on quality, everything that I put out on your behalf should be the absolute best version of that anywhere online. If you do not share this value, then we may not be a good fit, I do high-quality work, all the time. Nothing is “half-arsed” here.

An educational company. While I understand that you don’t need to know exactly what and how I do things, it makes sense that you would want to understand the motivations and ideas behind my strategies, so every Wednesday between 12-4pm, you can give me a call and talk about anything marketing, whether it’s your campaign or just general ideas and casual chat. I love this part.

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Jesus Meca Marketing consultant

Hi there, this is Jesus Meca. I am a marketing consultant professional that is mastered the process of increasing traffic to websites to increase the business revenue. This brings websites more targeted traffic and revenues. Reach out to see if I can help you!